The Rescue Mission

Our heroes have been turned flat! We need your help to transform them back  to 3D before it’s too late!

This rescue will be challenging!

We need all paws on deck (That’s parents & kids!) working together to save the day.

3 Parts

Part One: Cook and Color.

Part Two: Brief yourself on the mission.

Part Three: Work together to bring our hero back to 3D.

Scroll down to find video tutorials and images to help you along the way.


Below are a build-along video and step-by-step images to help you build your Cubles.

Build-Along Tutorial

Need help? Work along with this video tutorial.

Learn to Build Images

Below, you can seep pictures of each key step to building a Cubles. Following along as you work to complete your mission!

Carefully fold along the fold lines
Insert the tabs into the folded down slots.

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