Watch how Cubles Work

Dog Man is one of the most popular Cubles! Watch this video below and build your Dog Man Cubles along with the inventor of Cubles, Joel Morris. Here you can learn the key steps to building a Cuble that can be applied to building any Cuble!

Dog Man Build Along Video

Want to learn the Cubles way?

There are 5 steps to building every Cuble. Learn those step below and you can master the Cubles Way! If you're still stumped, email us at We are always here for you!

Step 1: Partially fold the fold lines on the back side of your Cubles.
2. Fold and connect the tabs by color and number.
3. Accordion fold the key joints.
4. Insert the key joints into the key holes and turn 90 degrees to lock in place.
5. Connect your Cubles and bring it to life!