Cubles are a Fun, Foldable Activity!

Cubles are a wonderful, fun, and creative activity for all ages.  Kinda like origami, kinda like a puzzle, Cubles start flat and fold up into a movable playable toy.  No scissors, no glue, no plastic required!

Parents and Kids Love Cubles!

“…my boys (5 and 7) loved them! My eldest has done a lot of paper folding-type crafts and these were the first that truly stayed together without glue.” – Claire, Mom of 2

“Cubles are my favorite toy!” – Will, 5 Year Old

There Are Many to Choose From!

Cubles arrive right in the mailbox!  Get yours today!

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A Fun Activity for All Ages

A No Glue, No Scissors, No Screen, Foldable Activity!

“It is amazing how sturdy Cubles are. They just kept holding up to my kids.” – Justin, Dad of 3

Cubles are fun for all ages! Ability to assemble varies by motor skills and age. General aged-based guidelines are:

Ages 3-6: a great activity to do together.
Ages 6-8:
 may require assistance assembling their Cuble.

Ages 8-12: may require guidance to learn how to assemble their first Cuble.
Ages 12+: will likely not require assistance or guidance.
Adults: ask a kid.  Just kidding. 🙂 Cubles are fun for you too!

Our Commitment


1 tree plants 100!

For every tree that gets used to make Cubles, we donate enough to to plant 100 more!


100% Recyclable

Every Cuble is 100% recyclable.  The sleeve is 100% compostable.  We don’t use any plastic parts!


USA Made

We are committed to making our products in the USA.  We even make sure that the paper we use is also made in the USA!