About Cubles

Cubles was invented by Joel Morris, a Minnesota inventor and entrepreneur. Joel is an inquisitive explorer. As a father of two, he created Cubles because he wanted to inspire people to find time away from screens to do something that requires them to slow down, use their hands, think and have patience. Thus, Cubles was born.

Beyond the product, Joel is also inspired to build Cubles into a good company filled with and surrounded by good-hearted people.

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Our Brand Promise

Our Purpose: To Inspire a Thoughtful Planet

Our Vision: To be a loved and respected company across the Globe. Known for thoughtful, fun products and experiences that challenge the creative and adventurous mind.

Our Mission: To tap into the inquisitive explorer in all of us.

Our Promise: In our quiet way, we will put 100% of the goodness with ourselves into everything that we create and every interaction that we have.

Traits We Value

We will be the first to admit, we aren't perfect and we don't expect perfect. That said, we do work hard and these are some value we hold dear:

  • Always care.
  • Build something positive.
  • Do what is right, even when it is hard.
  • Attention to detail.
  • Have a vision.
  • Be an explorer.
  • Listen to hear.
  • Have empathy.
  • Patience is awesome.
  • Celebrate the wins.

We're Locally Made

We believe that making products locally is important. It creates jobs, it energizes communities and it cuts down on shipments. That is why we are making our products right here in the US.

We Plant Trees

We plant 100 trees for every 1 that goes into creating Cubles. We come from the trees after all, so it's part of who we are to look out for them.

About You

Now that you know more about us, we would love to share why people love Cubles.

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