A vision to make fun, educational, positive impact products.

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Inventor & Founder

“I wanted to create something that inspired people, something that had heart, and something that made a difference.”

As a dedicated parent, Joel saw an opportunity to make something special where he could do his part to make the world a better place to the next generation. He envisioned a product that everyone could enjoy, that was educational, fun, hands-on and no-screen.  At the same time, he envisioned a company with heart, that made products locally, that desired to go beyond zero-waste.  Having grown up in Roseville, Minnesota Joel is proud that every Cuble is currently manufactured in the Twin Cities of Minnesota.

Our Story

After hundreds of iterations, filing patents, failing over and over on designs, with the help of many others, and with a mild obsession on perfection, the first official Cuble was born.  It was the Tiger. He is pretty cool. 

Today, Cubles® is a fun, growing business with a lot of heart. 

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Our Mission

There is a lot of talk about locally made products, environmentally friendly products, good corporate environments, and the need for inventions.  We agree that these goals are worth pursuing and we aspire to be part of the solution.