Learn, Build, and Play!

Cubles are a perfect STEM/STEAM activity for learning! The papercraft folding toys are perfect to get your class thinking and building their own toy that they can bring home!

Specially packaged and priced for our teacher friends, the Cuble Educators Class Pack is packed in 15 unit boxes. We even have lesson plans with Common Core standards listed. Please visit this link below to download the correct plan for your class grade level.

Pick between our “Color Me” Cubles where students can design their own Cuble before assembly or pick our Dog or Cat Cubles, see below for our Class Pack options!

As always, please drop us a line on our Contact Us page with any questions. We hope that you and your students enjoy Cubles as much as we enjoy designing them. Feel free to send us photos and/or tag us on social media.

Download Lesson Plans Below!

3rd Grade STEM Lesson Plan

4th Grade STEM Lesson Plan

5th Grade STEM Lesson Plan

Buy these super fun educational packs for your class today!

Learn more about how Cubles work.  Watch a Dog Man Cuble come to life in this nifty, fast motion video!

Cubles are good too!

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