CUBLES Bartleby - Paperboard Constructable - from True and the Rainbow Kingdom - Brainy, Sustainable and Fun!

by Cubles
Type: Cubles

Test your skills with CŪBLES, a 3D mash-up of a puzzle and origami. Building one requires focus and ingenuity. The pre-cut and pre-scored pieces make folding and assembly a delightful hands-on challenge. Watch as your CŪBLES comes to life!

INCLUDED: 1 Bartleby CŪBLES, 2 Wishes CŪBLES + Backdrop Billboard.

(+) Patented engineering makes your CŪBLES come to life with movable parts.

(+) Everything you need is included.  No cutting, scissors, glue or tape required!

(+) Directions are printed right on the product itself. But take note, your CŪBLES won't come with step by step instructions. You will have just enough hints to build your CŪBLES while requiring you to think above the fold. The result is a rewarding and thoughtful experience.  

(+) Made in the USA

(+) 100% Recyclable

(+) CŪBLES  Sustainability Promise:  For every 1 tree used to make CŪBLES, we will plant 100 more!!

Age-based Guidelines:

Ages 6-12: may need help making their first CŪBLES, but you never know. ;)
Ages 12+ will likely NOT require help...they got this.
Adults got what it takes?

WARNING CHOKING HAZARD: Not Meant for Children Under 3.

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