Foldable Dinosaur Set

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Cubles are the paper toy, re-invented.  These Foldable Dinos are made of strong and sturdy paperboard, not your typical printer paper. They require no glue or scissors, great for a hands on, stress free activity at home or on the go. Cubles have moving parts held together by paperboard so they are playable without the plastic. And best of all their color coded instructions and patented engineering make each one fun and easy to build.

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This Dinosaur Trio Pack comes with a TRex, Brontosaurus, and Triceratops. The TRex has an open mouth with food you can feed it, the Bronto is over 7” tall, and the triceratops is built to the frill.

About Cubles: Cubles is headquartered in Minnesota.  All Cubles are Made in the USA, 100% Recyclable and for every 1 tree used to make Cubles, the company plants 100 more by donating to


Cubles are a new patented and patent pending activity.

Each Cuble arrives the size of a greeting card: 5.25″ x 7″ x 1/8″ to be exact. This is neat because you can mail a Cuble right in the packaging with only 2 stamps.

Once you have your Cuble, the first step is to simply pop out the pieces from the panels within the product.

Cubles are made of an industrial strength paperboard that is 100% recyclable.

You build a Cuble by folding each piece along the pre-scored fold lines. This is a great feature because it ensures you can easily fold every part correctly.

As you fold each piece up into a 3D shape, you insert pre-cut tabs into open slots by color and number.

Once you have built each separate piece, you will learn how to hold a Cuble together utilizing the patented key-joints.

With your Cuble assembled, you can then do some fun stuff like make accessories for your Cubles or even shoot a stop motion movie!


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WARNING COKING HAZARD: Not Meant for Children Under 3. Once assembled, some of the parts become very sturdy. Although it is made of paperboard, please do be careful with the littlest ones.

2 reviews for Foldable Dinosaur Set

  1. debfuhrer

    My kids loved the 3 I bought. Going back for more.

  2. cparmenter

    My boys (5 and 7) loved them! My eldest has done a lot of paper folding-type crafts and these were the first that truly stayed together without glue. We’ll definitely order more soon!

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