Dinosaur 3-Pack


The Dinosaur Trio Pack is super fun! It comes with 3 foldable, playable dinosaurs made of super sturdy Paperboard. These aren’t your typical paper toys, they are the un-paper toys because the sturdy stock and engineering make Cubles stronger than you would think. Each Cuble is built using color and number coded instructions. No glue, scissors, or plastic needed. Everything you need is right in the package and 100% recyclable.

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Every Cuble comes with:

~ Precut, easy to build pop out pieces
~ Movable parts held together by patented connectors
~ Simple to follow instructions

Cubles are:

~ Great for the brain. They enhance spacial reasoning and fine motor skills
~ Made of sturdy paperboard and much stronger than you would think
~ 100% recyclable, including the packaging
~ Made in the USA

WARNING COKING HAZARD: Not Meant for Children Under 3. Once assembled, some of the parts become very sturdy. Although it is made of paperboard, please do be careful with the littlest ones.


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