Our mission is to be a company that has a net positive impact on the environment.

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100% Recyclable

We are on a mission to be good stewards of our planet.  This is why every Cuble is made from CubleStock, a sturdy paperboard that is 100% recyclable.  From the product to our packaging, we are committed to finding materials that are good for the planet.

100 Trees for Every 1

We recognize the vital importance of trees.  Since Cubles are made of paper, we want to make sure that we aren't being part of depleting this important resource.  This is why we donate enough of our profits to plant 100 trees for every 1 we use.  Our goal someday is to help plant the Cubles forest.

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Made Locally

We believe that making product locally is important. It creates jobs, it energizes communities and it cuts down on shipments. That is why we are making our products right here in the US.