The Cubles Story

One day, Joel Morris was buying plastic blocks for his nephew when he had sticker shock – those plastic blocks sure were expensive. He then had an idea – could he create a toy made from paper, or more specifically paperboard, that had all the same wonderful benefits of building blocks? The toy would have to be a toy you build. It would have to require thought, but be simple, fun, and attainable for everyone. And most important, it would have to inspire creativity and play.

And so Joel went to the drawing board. He set out with some meaningful goals in mind. This toy must:

  • Be Playable
  • Require thought
  • Use no scissors or glue
  • Be sturdy
  • Be simple
  • Be 100% recyclable
  • Be affordable
  • Give back

After countless hours of tinkering, testing, filing patents, testing, finding artists, testing, running schools programs, testing, testing and more testing, Cubles was born.

When first presented with a Cubles (pronounced like combining ‘cue’ with ‘bulls’), most people aren’t quite sure how to interpret the product. It is much sturdy than paper toys most are familiar with. It requires no glue or scissors, and yet the design and color coded instructions make assembly enjoyable and fun. And to top it off, Cubles have moving parts which are also held together by a joint made of the same recyclable paperboard. Cubles are 100% recyclable, including the packaging.

After having 1,000s of people try and buy Cubles, Joel felt it was time to build a set of products and evolve Cubles from a concept to an official start-up company.

He is honored that you have come to visit the site and hopes that you choose a Cuble for yourself or as a gift for that builder in your life.

Now is your chance to be part of the next chapter of Cubles. Let us know what you think? Share with us @yourcubles. Sometimes in life, something new, fun and exciting comes along – we hope that Cubles is one of those sparks in your day.

Some Cool Things about Cubles

  • Made in Minnesota, USA
  • 100% Recyclable, Packaging Included
  • For ever 1 tree used to make Cubles we donate enough to plant 100 More
  • Small Business