About Us

The Cubles Story…

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about Cubles. I often get asked how Cubles came to be and why did I invent Cubles. Those are great questions!

I started Cubles with a couple thoughts in mind:

  • I had a desire to create something that would inspire people to use their brains and hands and get away from their screens.
  • I thought it would be amazing if it could be affordable so that anyone could enjoy the product.
  • I was inspired to create new, competitive USA manufacturing jobs.
  • I wanted to create a company that could give back and be good for the environment.

This mindset aligned with the stars one day while I was working with a paperboard stock.  I thought to myself, “I could make toys out of this stock.” Almost immediately I told my wife my idea to make the new age paper doll.

In that instant my vision sparked and I could see the product forming. For this to work, I knew that I would have to challenge myself to meet certain restrictions.  The product would have to:

  • Be Playable
  • Require thought
  • Use no scissors or glue
  • Be sturdy
  • Be simple
  • Be 100% recyclable
  • Be affordable
  • Give back

I like a challenge and as such I set forth into development and testing. After countless hours (actually years) of tinkering and testing and with the help of many people along the way, Cubles was born.

When first presented with a Cuble (pronounced like combining ‘cue’ with ‘bull’), most people aren’t quite sure how to interpret the product. It is much sturdy than paper toys most are familiar with. It requires no glue or scissors, and yet the design and color coded instructions make assembly enjoyable and fun. And to top it off, Cubles have moving parts which are also held together by a joint made of the same recyclable paperboard. Cubles are 100% recyclable, including the packaging.

I am very proud of what Cubles has become. I am now working along side my mom (yup, family small business!) to sell the product into retail stores.  It is going great! I can’t tell you how much it means to me when I have parents tell me how much their kids love Cubles. One 9 year old told me, “It was his favorite toy.”  Another dad told me that his daughter asked to have her Cuble Unicorn be her nighttime animal. Sounds much less comfortable than a stuffed animal – but it means the world to me to hear that!

I think that regardless of age, people like Cubles because it take you away from a screen, it is creative, and it will give you a sense of accomplishment when you finish one.

I hope that you choose to give Cubles a try. I’m confident you will be pleasantly surprised.

Joel Morris